Gift Certificates

Give a gift that will be treasured by you and future generations!

A gift certificate provides the best way of saying to that special someone, "We love you and cherish the memory of where you have been, what you have done and what makes you who you are today. We want your memories in our family forever." It might be for a wedding present, an anniversary gift, Christmas, birthday or you might just give a gift certificate out of the blue to a very special someone.

We will personalise a beautiful certificate for you so that you can present it to the recipient.

To organise your gift certificate, contact us.

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"When I was told my 80th birthday present was to be the story of Jack and my life as a record for our children, grandchildren and others down the line I was a bit teary. I was touched our children were interested in knowing about our lives and their heritage. It has been wonderful for me have the opportunity to reflect on my life."

- Doreen

"As part of a surprise 40th for my husband, I approached “Your Stories” and requested a video to be put together about my husband’s life that can be viewed during the dinner party. The video exceeded my expectation and proved to be the highlight of the party. My husband’s reaction to the video was priceless. I have never seen him so happy, emotional and moved. Even his colleagues at the party were touched by the video. I have to admit it was the best present I ever got for my husband’s birthday.

Right from the start, Brandon and Bridget impressed me with their efficient, guidance, friendliness and professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results that I was looking for. I highly recommend “Your Stories” as I consider them an excellent team who provided an exceptional video that exceeded my expectations."

- Atousa Elias